Setting up LIFX cloud control
For use with renaming, grouping, schedules, Google Assistant (Google Home), Amazon Alexa (Echo) and other 3rd party integrations.

If you haven't onboarded your lights to your Wi-Fi network yet go here:
Connect your lights to the cloud

Many services are managed over the cloud which requires being connected to the cloud before they will work.

Note: If your lights show under your Wi-Fi network name within the LIFX app, they have not yet been claimed.

You can check the status of a light by tapping on it's name then then tap the settings gear.
How to Add a light to your cloud account

1. Tap the name of the light in the app, to access the control screen for this light.
2. Tap the GEAR in the upper right corner of the control screen.

Click "Add light to Cloud"

Your cloud status will change from Disconnected to Connected
You can now rename the light and add it to a group.

Repeat this step for all your lights

Having some trouble connecting to the cloud?

If your bulb was previously connected to the cloud and now shows "disconnected" turn the light off/on one time and wait 30 seconds to see if it reconnects.

You'll be able to tell this as the Location and Group will be selected

You're still disconnected, please try the following

1. Click the name of the light
2. Click the GEAR icon
4. Go back to the dashboard
5. Find the light under your Wi-Fi network name
6. Click the name of the light
7. Click the GEAR icon then click ADD LIGHT TO CLOUD
8. Check the status on the light setting screen

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