Step by step guide to getting started with Apple HomeKit
The following lights are HomeKit Compatible

If you DO NOT see your lights here, they DO NOT contain the hardware necessary for Apple HomeKit and unfortunately you will not be able to upgrade.

Pairing with HomeKit *

Gen 3 LIFX and LIFX + lights can be firmware upgraded to support Apple HomeKit

Not sure where to look for your code? -

Upgrade your firmware: *

Note: If you purchased a LIFX Z with HomeKit, GU10, Mini Series or the code is both on the back of the manual and printed on the bulb under the serial number or back of the controller notated by HK: ###-##-##

Ensure you are on the latest firmware (2.69 or later)

1. Click on the name of the light you would like to upgrade
2. Look for the notification under the bell
3. Click upgrade firmware

This will prompt and upgrade for every light on your network that is eligible.

The lights will upgrade one at a time.

If a light fails, power off updated lights, and then re-run the firmware updater.

NOTE: In this example, we are updating only one light. But any lights on your network that can be updated, will be updated, one at a time during this process. The app will indicate when a light is restarting and has successfully been updated. This should only take a minute or two.

If you have lots of LIFX A19, or LIFX BR30 lights, this process make take some time to complete. If you can, perhaps do the update in small batches, of 3-5 bulbs. To do so, power off other LIFX before starting the update process.

HomeKit Code Process *

5. Tap "Done" once all the lights are updated. From here, the process for HomeKit recovery will need to be done individually with each light you have. Tap HomeKit Setup to get started.

6. The app will list your available lights to setup for HomeKit. Tap the Get Code option on this screen.

7. The next screen will provide directions. You need to be close to the light to start the process, and then tap Start. This will be resetting your light, to be reconnected to your network. This is required for code recovery.

Onboarding Updated Light *

8. The app will reset the light, and start the onboarding process.

9. Apple's Wireless Accessory Onboarding will be used to reconnect the light to your network. Make sure the light finds the correct network, and all you need to do to connect, is tap Next.

HomeKit Code Recovery *

It will reconnect, and then provide you your unique HomeKit code for this light.

This should be saved as a PDF or an Image to your Camera Roll. The saved item shows the serial number of the LIFX light, and the HomeKit code.

NOTE: It is very important to save this code and keep it on file, you'll need it to re-add the light if you delete it from the Home App in the future. If you save an image to your computer, you can use it to scan for HomeKit setup in future.

Pairing with your Home App *

10. Tap Done, and you will be returned to the LIFX app. Tap Pair on the HomeKit setup screen to pair your light with HomeKit. Make sure you have your HomeKit code saved, you will need it for the next step.

11. Choose a "Home" for the Home app. You can have multiple locations setup for your account, but the default is "My Home". Tap the name of the "Home" you would like to use, or create a new one.

12. Tap Enter Manually at the bottom of the HomeKit code entry page, to enter your code. 13. Enter the code, and your light will automatically begin the pairing process for HomeKit.

With your lights connected, your LIFX app will return to the screen for setup of this light. You will see that all the firmware update, code recovery, and HomeKit pairing is complete.

NOTE: Your LIFX light's name will be the same across your LIFX app, and the Apple Home App. The group name in the LIFX app will not transfer as the Room name in the Home App. You will need to choose your own separate names for rooms in the Home app.

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NOTE: Only LIFX A19, LIFX BR30, LIFX + A19 and LIFX + BR30 are currently compatible with Apple HomeKit (Shipping after November 2016)

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Hooray!! You've got Apple HomeKit!!
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I'm sorry at this time only the lights listed are capable of adding Apple HomeKit. Apple requires special hardware for security reasons for all commercially shipping products. We thank you for being a customer and hope to bring you more HomeKit enabled products in the future.
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