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Certain Routers and "Airtime Fairness" or "Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM)"

Newer routers from Asus, Netgear, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and others have an option called Airtime Fairness or Wi-Fi Multi-Media (WMM), which can cause low bandwidth devices like LIFX lights to fall off the network or show as non-responsive in the app.

Please login to your wireless router settings and DISABLE Airtime Fairness and/or WMM this will create the best environment for your LIFX lights.

An article on what it is

Keeping Lights connected

The follow is a step by step guide to connectivity troubleshooting on your device
*Most connectivity issues are related to Wi-Fi network congestion and setup.
Starting Fresh

Let's start with a fresh network connection.

Reset your Router
1. Unplug the power from the back of your router
2. Wait 30 seconds
3. Plug it back in
4. Wait a couple minutes for your network to restart.
5. Power cycle your LIFX

Network Channels *

Network configuration settings for 2.4Ghz.

Selecting a Channel
1. Check that you are on a channel between 1 - 11. Channels (12, 13, 14) are not supported.
2. Set channel bandwidth to 20Mhz only. 40Mhz channel width is not recommended for LIFX connections.

These settings may be set to "Auto" by default on your router. Adjusting your router configuration with the above recommended settings should improve connectivity.

Network interference *

Placement in your House
1. Ensure there is not metal around your router
2. Ensure there is not metal around your light

Metal, and other interference, i.e. Microwaves, can hinder the signal and create bad connections.
3. Ensure you have adequate Wi-Fi coverage where the lights are installed.

Too many devices on the network *

Number of Connected Devices
1. A lot of concurrent connections can cause bulbs to drop off the network and become unreachable.
2. Check with your router manufacturer on how many devices your network can support on each wireless band.

Some networks only support as few as 16 devices. Phones, computers, streaming TVs, and products like LIFX, mean that can add up very quickly, depending on how many devices you have.

Wi-Fi Extenders *

Wi-Fi Extenders can cause problems while controlling your lights


We recommend using a whole home Wi-Fi system

We have tested and recommend:
1. eero -
2. NETGEAR Orbi -
3. Google Wi-Fi -

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